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Promotional Items

Corporate gifting or branded collateral is not just a nice-to-have for events. These are each branding opportunities with their own special capabilities next to the other branded service offerings we provide. 

Promo items have a long shelf life meaning they can serve as ongoing advertising channels for you. 

Think about all your staff having water bottles, backpacks or various stationery. Now think about all the places they travel to where they use those functional products in everyday lifestyle.

Think about all the incidental brand exposure you're getting every time these products are

visibly used - at the gym, the shopping mall, weekend travels, and so on. 

If you haven't figured it out already, your promotional products act as a brand ambassador,

keeping your business top-of-mind with consumers. We will help brainstorm the best-fit items to suit your promotional marketing objectives - be it to delight in-store customers, or to give away at your next big event or trade show. 

Check out the various items we can offer you, fully branded any way you wish,

and contact us for an obligation-free quote. 

  • Kit Bags

  • Grocery Bags

  • Drawstring Backpacks

  • Towels

  • Cups & Mugs

  • Water Bottles

  • USB Drives

  • Computer Accessories

  • Golf Items

  • Healthcare Items

  • Key Tags

  • Kitchen & Homeware

  • Pens & Stationery

  • Travel Items

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