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Print Specs

We can design your artwork from scratch or build your order from any custom designs you share with us. 

We will accept print-ready artwork from flash drives, CD or email.  

Below are some useful guidelines on print terms and what us printers look out for when doing your layouts. 


Best format to print from is PDF with no crop marks.

5mm bleed is required if printing to the edge of the page. 


PDFs greatly reduce printing problems and variations from what you see on your screen to the printed
item. You can convert just about any file into a PDF. You can save time, money and achieve a better result by
converting Word, Publisher, Powerpoint and Excel files into PDFs prior to bringing them to us for printing.


When the printing goes to the edge of the page on your project, ensure that the image extends beyond the edge of the page (by at least 3mm each side) to allow for trimming. This is called “bleed”. Without bleed, we cannot trim to the required edge.

Crops or Printer’s Marks

Crop marks are used to indicate where to trim. We add our own crop marks when we set up your artwork for print. As long as we know the size of your finished artwork, we don’t need you to add any crop marks or any other printing marks.

Image Resolution

Our general requirements is that artwork for print be supplied at a resolution of 300 dpi.
Images taken off the web are normally 72 dpi resolution, which is great for screen viewing but not for printing.
Images placed into your document need to be set to 300 dpi before being placed. (You cannot improve the quality of a 72 dpi web graphic by increasing its dpi; the quality would also decrease if you increase the image size).


To avoid font and text changing when going to print, it is important that you provide files that contain text in the following manner: supply a PDF; “Create Outlines” of text in vector programs; or for Photoshop files,ensure that you flatten artwork or rasterize type layers.


Please be advised that colour will vary from what you see on screen and between printers and paper stock. The best option for colour is to view a printed proof before giving final approval to print.


Please do not provide PDF files with spreads. All files that have multiple pages (ie. booklets) need to be provided as single pages, in order, in a single PDF file, with 5mm bleed and no crop marks.

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