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KDS Re-brand

That’s right, we’ve re-branded ourselves. Change is good as it brings in new, fresh thinking and that’s the main reason behind our new facelift as of August 2018. 

We’re the same great people, giving the same great service, just with a new, improved perspective on how we service your business.  

Our mission is to help promote the growth of local businesses through effective print branding expertise because we’re not just a general print partner. What we’re about is making your brand look impressive in whatever printed or graphic form you promote yourself. See, we realise that first impressions are forever, so we’re here to make them count in your favour with our renewed focus on creating an effective brand identity for your business. 

Our Slogan, Our Promise

"impress with your first impression" - It’s said that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that first impressions are forever. At KDS Printing we understand the gravity of such a concept as first impressions, especially when doing business. 

We’ve thus made it our firm purpose to assist our clients in making that first impression count the best way we know how - crafting effective printed branding.


Our new slogan is not just a catchphrase we throw around, it’s our commitment to being the best and looking the best. This not only applies to how we operate our business internally, but more importantly it relates to our customer-centric focus on YOU and YOUR business. Our slogan captures our promise to establish your visual identity in your audience’s hearts and minds as a credible, professional brand above your competitors.


It's all about YOU and helping your brand to impress with your first impression. 

Our Logo

KDS Logo 2018 (PNG).png

Part of our re-branding means changing our logo - the symbol of who we are and what our brand promises to deliver to you. 

The new logo is a play on the old printer’s colour swatch, a testament to our history in lithography and the expertise we’ve built up over time. 

But it also highlights our commitment to moving forward by reflecting our renewed purpose to help you build a lasting impression for your brand. The use of a more modern shaping and sleeker design creates a logo that stands out from other printers and is more memorable, while these rounded edges symbolise our soft, personal approach in treating every client with individual care. 

Finally, the swatch effect of 4 distinct colours symbolises not just the creative variety we offer you, but also the core elements of your brand identity that we print for - each coloured shape representing a core service offering. 

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