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Control Books

You may be wondering if branded stationery has any real impact on your marketing efforts? Is it noticed by your customers and potential clients? It absolutely is. Branded business stationery is a small tool that packs a big punch. Wherever your stationery goes, so does your logo – and that results in more exposure for your business, and potentially some new clients. 

Control Books describe a range of branded stationery to track and streamline various operations of your business and includes the likes of invoice books, receipt books, delivery note books and even timesheet books to track your staff activities. 

We at KDS Printing offer a wide array of these customised NCR books (no carbon paper required) which means we use carbonless paper, allowing you to make duplicate copies of your operational task entries with just one stroke of the pen. NCR books are great because now you don’t have to repeatedly duplicate you operations capture process - saving you time and money!

The top sheets of the book are perforated for easy removal, leaving the bottom sheet fastened in the book for safekeeping. Each book comes with a plain front cover and is supplied with a stiff card back, which gives you a durable and robust book. It also comes with a writing shield attached to the back  cover to protect your forms.

Pads are perfect for keeping your NCR sets together until required. They are glued at the top edge which makes it easy to peal off and distribute.

Books are a more durable option as the sets will stay fixed in the book until physically removed.

We can design your layouts and print any type of control book you would need to streamline your operation capturing - just mail us for a quote below and let's help make your workflow a lot easier and more productive!

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